10 Times Super Junior’s Heechul Went Wilding In His IDGAF Mode On “Knowing Bros”

Shots fired!

Generally, on TV programs like Knowing Bros that feature guests from across the industry, the unwritten rule is “be nice to your sunbae-nim and idol colleagues”. Has that unwritten rule ever stopped Super Junior‘s Heechul from going full rogue on the guests? No, not really. For wildin’ Heechul, the guests’ backgrounds never quite mattered. Once they’re on the show, they’re bound to get flamebroiled by Heechul. And as the entire entertainment front has low key come to accept Heechul as his alter-ego Dol-i Heechul (or Psycho Heechul), there is nothing stopping Heechul anymore. Here are 10 times he didn’t give a single f*ck about his life and went power-savage on everyone! (For fun of course, Heechul is a good boy.)


1. The Time He Poked Fun At The Divorcee Club

Here, Heechul is singing “Sing, sing, Yeouido dolsings~” and getting ass-kicked by Lee Sang Min and Eun Ji Won. While at first it may be hard to understand why the two got flustered by Heechul’s song, note that dolsing is a playful term for divorcee.


2. The Time He Slapped The Heck Out Of Kang Ho Dong

Comedian Kang Ho Dong, also the most sunbaenim in the group that hosts Knowing Bros, often picks on his baby-Heechul — and sometimes gets rough with him too, such as pinching him on the arm or kicking him in the butt like in the GIF. How does Heechul react to that though? Well, Heechul is Heechul. And Heechul does not hold back. Ever.


3. The Time He Blatantly Accused Girls’ Generation’s Sunny of Things

Again, the rule is to be nice to idol guests — especially girl group members — as they can be sensitive to rumors being created and spread. Heechul could care less about that though. When Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny came on the show, he playfully accused her of drinking and smoking her stress away!


4. The Time He Straight Up Called Out Jun Hyun Moo

As TV personality Jun Hyun Moo graced the show — right around the time he faced mild criticism for being thoughtless on TV and making inconsiderate comments — Heechul introduced him as the “Prince of Beehogam“, which loosely translates to “disliked”.


5. The Time He Stanned MC Yoo In Front Of MC Kang

As two of the most well-received show hosts in the industry, Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Suk are naturally rivals. So when Heechul wants to get on Kang Ho Dong’s nerves, he’ll say things like this to Kang Ho Dong’s face: “Kang Ho Dong is gross! Yoo Jae Suk is the best!”


6. The Time He Criticized The Acting Skill Of The Most Senior of All Seniors

So… your skits kind of suck. I guess Kang Ho Dong learned from you and that’s why he sucks at them too!

— Heechul

When the super-sunbae Lee Kyung Kyu appeared on Knowing Bros, even Kang Ho Dong was cautious intimidated by the utter seniority of this comedian. Such things do not affect Heechul though — Lee Kyung Kyu should’ve known. When his skits weren’t up to Heechul’s standards, Heechul straight up bashed the heck out of Lee Kyung Kyu (and Kang Ho Dong, a double kill)!


7. The Time He Made Shin So Yul Go Speechless

For actress Shin So Yul, Heechul wasn’t necessarily savage or anything. But he was wilding for sure. When she grabbed the squeaky hammer and said she’d bonk whoever misbehaves, Heechul got way too excited. Knowing Bros is constantly walking on thin ice, thanks to the sh*t Heechul pulls — like the way Heechul screamed “Please bonk me!” at Shin So Yul.


8. The Time He Reminded Lee Sang Min Of his Debts

The one thing that’s always by your side? You mean your debt!

— Heechul

For Lee Sang Min, his huge financial debt is something of which he would rather not be reminded. Heechul, on the other hand, will take every chance he gets to make fun of Lee Sang Min about it.


9. The Time He Yelled At Park Sung Woong

Where do you think this will get you? What is your problem? What are you even doing here?

— Heechul

Actor Park Sung Woong has that charisma, fueled by his previous “evil” roles in movies, which make it difficult for show hosts to approach him. It wasn’t the case for Heechul though. While guessing the most discouraging thing Park Sung Woong has heard in his pursuit of his acting career, Heechul poured his soul into that acting — almost discouraging Park Sung Woong all over again.


10. The Time He Gleamed In His Own Dating Rumor

And finally, who better to roast than himself? When his dating rumor with TWICE‘s Momo broke out, Heechul gleamed in the glory of all the attention he was getting. He appeared to TWICE’s “Dance the Night Away” playing in the background and made sure that everyone got to hear and know about his most scandalous scandal.

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