10 Times TVXQ’s Changmin Was The Most Relatable Idol Of All Time

TVXQ’s Changmin can be savage and brutal at times, but let’s be honest… he’s relatable af!

1. When you get to school or work after a 10-hour sleep.


2. That moment when a fan war appears on your timeline and you know exactly where to stand.

Yunho: “I really wanted them to include TVXQ (in the debate).”

Changmin: “I wouldn’t want to interfere in their fight.”


3. When your parents want you to rest, but also get 100 chores done at the same time.


4. That moment when you realize you’ve been arguing with 10-year-olds.


5. But you can’t let those young punks win either.

When Changmin entered the army, he was surrounded by people younger than him but he refused to let age bring him down in anyway.


6. When the only person you can trust is yourself.


7. Communication? Social interaction? What are these things?


8. That complacent look you get when you partner says, “Leave it to me. I’ll do everything.”


9. And sometimes you can’t handle their over-the-top energy.

Changmin explains how he feels when Yunho gets so hyped up on stage.


10. But you’re so proud of them and love them even more!

Changmin’s like “You’re doing great, sweetie!”