10+ Times TWICE’s Momo Showed Off Her Amazing, Toned Abs In A Gorgeous Crop Top

Momo’s got the best body!

TWICE‘s Momo is the group’s gorgeous main dancer, who’s also known for her amazing visuals and super toned figure! Here are 10+ times Momo rocked a crop top, and stunned fans with how muscular and toned she is!

1. Momo’s abs are incredible!


2. Momo in crop tops is a look.


3. Gorgeous!


4. “Cheer Up” era Momo was serving looks!


5. Momo has such a toned body.


6. She’s got abs for days!


7. Fierce Momo has us blesst.


8. Crop tops are a superior look on her!


9. This was such an iconic look on Momo.


10. Her muscular body is everything!


11. This crop top is so pretty on her!


12. She’s beautiful!


13. Her debut outfit was iconic!