10 Times TWICE’s Sana Was The Literal Definition Of “Pretty In Pink”

#8 is one of Sana’s best looks ever!

TWICE‘s Sana is absolutely mesmerizing!

TWICE’s Sana | @twicetagram/Instagram

Although she’s always beautiful, Sana’s visuals really stand out when she’s wearing pink.

Here are 10 times Sana served major looks in pink!

1. She absolutely slayed the “Scientist” era

This dress is so cute! We love the feather details at the top.

2. Pretty pink princess

We stan this stylish princess!

3. Sana is so beautiful

This is all the proof you need that pink looks great on Sana!

4. She makes graphic tees look like a million bucks

Shoutout to the lucky ONCE on the receiving end of this hand heart!

5. This pink crop top looks so good on her

Sana has great style all the time, even at dance practice!

6. The black and white details really make this dress pop

This stage outfit is too cute!

7. We really likey this ‘fit

This jacket and shorts set is so fashionable!

8. Pink on pink on pink

Pink hair is the perfect finishing touch for a pink outfit!

9. Sana looks amazing no matter what shade of pink she’s wearing

Bright pink, pale pink, hot pink…Sana rocks them all!

10. Pink layered on pink is always a great choice

We love how these two shades of pink complement each other!