10+ Unforgettable Concepts K-Pop Idols Used For Their Comebacks In 2019

These concepts will live in every K-Pop fan’s heart forever.

Concepts used in K-Pop comebacks are always something fans look forward to. Fans create theories out of it and analyze how it relates with the idols’ previous concepts and other consistent themes that may be present in each comeback.

2019 has given us some of the best and unforgettable concepts K-Pop idols have used for their comebacks, and here are some of them!

1. Carnival

Red Velvet used a carnival concept in line with their ReVe Festival series. The carnival concept was heavily used in their music video for “Zimzalabim.” What better way to depict a festival than being in a carnival!

2. Beauty and the Beast

For their “All Night” comeback, ASTRO referenced a lot of themes from classic Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. A lot of fans noticed the similar vibe and elements used in both the music video and in the movie, such as the rose in the glass case, the candles, and the area where they dine.

3. Galaxy

Cosmic Girls makes use of their cosmic concept a lot as it is the group’s overall theme. They make sure to show their signature concept as well in their most recent comeback with “As You Wish,” making use of a lot of galaxy themed elements such as stars and planets.

4. Flowers

IZONE showed their soft sides and continued their flower concept from debut song “La Vie En Rose” and carrying it over to “Violeta.” A lot of scenes of flowers blooming are shown in the music video and gardens with flowers scattered everywhere were also used as a background.

5. Dead Poets Society

From the “HIT” teasers all the way to the music video for “Fear,” many fans have identified a clear concept that was used for SEVENTEEN‘s recent project. Making use of elements from Dead Poets Society, SEVENTEEN successfuly created an artistic vibe for the music videos.

6. Rebellion

BLACKPINK‘s powerful image was great for the rebellion concept “Kill This Love” was going for. They showed sharp facial expressions and acted fierce to match the song’s strength and vibe.

7. Singing in the Rain

Many ARMYs noticed that the “Boy With Luv” music video heavily relied on Singing in the Rain to create the music video. Elements such as RM‘s white outfit and the members running towards the couch really gave the concept away fro ARMYs!

8. Butterfly

LOONA released a song titled, “Butterfly” and incorporated the insect’s beauty and movement in the music video and in their choreography. Who knew that you can base one whole concept for a comeback on an insect?

9. Futuristic

SUPERM highlighted a lot of technology in the music video where they used drones, holograms, and lights giving this video a bit of a futuristic concept.

10. Classy badass

CLC came back with their title track “No” which highlighted their versatility as artists! From outfits to the overall aesthetic of the music video, the girls looked badass and cool!

11. Eclipse

As GOT7‘s title says, the group made use of the same concept their title track went with. The music video used a lot of artistic elements that portrayed an eclipse and what it feels like to experience an eclipse well!

12. Dark artistic

NU’EST went with their signature sleek, artistic, and classy concepts for music videos for their comeback with “BET BET.” The music video used a bunch of art pieces and the background and outfits used were dominantly in color black.