10 Unreal Moments From Stray Kids’ Recent Live Stream That Prove Lee Know, Hyunjin And Changbin Are On A Whole Other Level Of Chaos

“Someone save Hyunjin from Minbin!”

Stray KidsChangbin did a live stream on June 15 and was joined by some of his members. When Lee Know and Hyunjin came in, things got super chaotic, and the three of them hilariously proved that they are undoubtedly on a whole other level of chaos. From Hyunjin chilling in a bathrobe to Lee Know falling on Changbin’s lap, this live stream is definitely one for the books!

(From left to right) Hyunjin, Changbin, and Lee Know | @realstraykids/Instagram

Here are 10 unreal moments from this iconic Stray Kids’ live stream that prove Lee Know, Hyunjin and Changbin are the trio with the most chaotic energy.


1. When Changbin thought Hyunjin wasn’t wearing anything under his robe

Changbin’s reaction was hilarious…if not extremely relatable.

2. Lee Know sitting down like an old man and making Changbin laugh

Changbin couldn’t resist laughing at the way Lee Know sat like an old man next to him.

3. When Lee Know showed off his moves

Something clearly put Lee Know in a good mood this day…

4. When Lee Know and Changbin were too invested in Hyunjin’s version of Felix’s scene in “Your Eyes”

Who wouldn’t miss the chance to see Hyunjin reenact it up close?

5. When Lee Know got flirty with Hyunjin…

Lee Know picked his target and honed in on it mercilessly.

6. And Hyunjin’s reaction when Changbin did it too

Hyunjin was not having…

7. Lee Know and Changbin asking why Hyunjin hadn’t called them to eat together…without clothes on

This one was probably on Hyunjin for telling them.

8. When Lee Know fell on Changbin’s lap and proceeded to bow from there

He did that…

9. When they engaged in classic chaotic sibling banter

Chaotic siblings arguing like chaotic siblings.

10. When Lee Know stuffed tissue in Hyunjin’s mouth

Seriously, someone save him.

Source: Stray Kids/VLIVE

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