11 Korean Dramas That Will Make You Believe In Love Again

These K-Dramas will make you want to find a special someone of your own!

K-Dramas are opportunities for people, especially viewers, to imagine a world where things seem more beautiful and interesting, sometimes too beautiful and interesting that it seems unrealistic. But even so, they do make its viewers feel like they’re the ones experiencing the drama because of attachment they feel towards the characters.

Here are 10 K-Dramas you can watch that will make you believe in love again!

1. Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun is a story about a special forces Captain and a doctor who cross paths and eventually fall in love with each other in the midst of helping out people who are experiencing natural disasters.

2. Love in the Moonlight

Love in the Moonlight is a historical drama that revolves around the life of a crown prince and a girl who pretends to be a eunuch. It’s a drama filled with fun and romantic feelings!

3. My First First Love

My First First Love is a drama set in modern times and revolves around the lives of college students who go through life together. This drama is fresh and will give the audience butterflies. More than romance, it is also a drama that highlights friendship and family.

4. The Bride of Habaek

The Bride of Habaek is a story of a water god who is ordered to visit Earth to find three powerful stones. He is accompanied by his bride, or the family fated to serve the water god while he is on Earth. It’s a drama that can make the audience realize that differences are forgotten when you fall in love.

5. Her Private Life

Her Private Life is a story of an art curator who lives a secret life of being  a major fangirl! This drama will remind viewers that there are people who will love you so much, they are willing to accept all parts of you without hesitation.

6.  Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Another historical drama, Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung is a K-Drama that can make any viewer believe in love again. This drama is an easy watch and will give hope that there is someone out there who loves you so much, they will do anything to keep you safe and fight for you.

7. She was Pretty

She Was Pretty is another sweet and relatable drama that revolves around the story of a girl who used to be popular for her beautiful looks, but became “unattractive” as she grew older. This drama is perfect for a light watch!

8. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

A woman who has incredible superhuman strength is what this story is about! The drama is fun, romantic, and unique and is an easy watch!

9. Legend of the Blue Sea

Legend of the Blue Sea is a magical story about a mermaid who finds the man she loves and experiences life out of the ocean. It’s a drama that teaches its viewers to love despite the differences!

10. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is a drama about a secretary who is very hardworking and passionate about her job! The drama is an easy watch and shows that you can find love anywhere, sometimes even in the most unexpected places!

11. Happiness

Happiness tells the story of a police officer and a special forces unit officer as they traverse a post-apocalyptic world with a wild, mad-human disease. No matter what the situation though, their love for each other will hold them together.