11 K-Pop Music Videos That Are The Definition Of LENGTHY

Grab some snacks if you plan on watching these music videos.

K-Pop music videos can have multiple differences, such as different concepts, stories, aesthetics, etc. One aspect that usually remains consistent is the length of music videos, as they usually run for 3-5 minutes. Some music videos take this to the extreme, as some of them exceed 10 minutes. Here are 11 lengthy K-Pop music videos.

#11. “Roly-Poly” (T-ara)

Length: 12:32

#10. “That’s My Fault” (SPEED)

Length: 13:37

#9. “It’s Over” (SPEED)

Length: 14:30

#8. “Sexy Love” (T-ara)

Length: 14:54

#7. “Cry Cry” (T-ara)

Length: 15:48

#6. “Day by Day” (T-ara)

Length: 15:57

#5. “Before You Go” (TVXQ)

Length: 16:01

#4. “Deep Night Sad Song” (E2RE)

Length: 18:25

#3. “Lovey Dovey” (T-ara)

Length: 20:31

#2. “Ariang” (SG Wannabe)

Length: 22:09

#1. “Every End of the Day” (IU)

Length: 26:54