Here Are 11 Times The BTS Hyungs Were Completely Whipped For Their Maknae Jungkook

The hearts in their eyes cannot get any bigger 😍

The boys of BTS are known for their hard work and incredible talent, which is how they’ve come to amass their immense popularity. Something else that people should know about the boy group is the fact that they all genuinely love and respect one another. The love that the hyungs have for their maknae Jungkook, however, is completely unmatched so here are 11 times the older members of BTS showed their whipped-ness for Jungkook.

1. “Wait Stop, He’s Talking”

Look at the boys’ faces beam when they realize Jungkook was speaking! They look so proud of their maknae and hurriedly gathered to give him their undivided attention. Honestly, Jungkook could burn toast and the hyungs of BTS would still be so proud of him.

2. Whatever Jungkook Wants, Jungkook Gets

The crazy antics of the youngest member never ends. Here Jungkook pretends to unleash a weapon, to which the rest of the members follow along (minus RM). Let’s be real though, they all enjoyed it way too much.

3. Heart Eyes…Literally They Have Hearts In Their Eyes

Is anyone else seeing this? RMJ-HopeJin and Suga are all giving Jungkook their full attention with literal hearts in their eyes! The love is literally dripping from their eye sockets. They are so whipped for their maknae it’s disgustingly adorable.

4. “If I Fits, I Sits”

Jungkook, despite being one of the taller members absolutely insists on sitting on other members’ laps. Here we have Jungkook sitting on Jimin‘s lap, who is getting swallowed by Jungkook’s size. Why are they all so stinking adorable?

5. No Really…If I Fit, I Will Sit

No, but really Jungkook sits just wherever he pleases. Here he is sitting and smothering Suga, who doesn’t seem to mind it one bit. The normally cool hearted Suga can’t help but melt when it comes to his maknae.

6. Daddy RM Loves His Maknae

Did this make anyone else’s heart flutter? RM can’t help but have a massive smile when looking at the youngest member of the group. They are both laughing when RM pets Jungkook’s head with all the pride in the world. Such a precious father-son moment.

7. “Maybe If I Cradle Him, He’ll Stop Growing”

Oh Jin. No matter how much you hold or cradle Jungkook, he will always be bigger than you. But don’t worry because we get a feeling that he will always let you hold him, regardless of size.

8. “Don’t Worry Kookie, I’m Here!”

Jungkook hits his teeth with his microphone, which seems extremely unpleasant and painful. After seeing his little brother in distress, J-Hope rushes to his aide out of nowhere. J-Hope even cradles his face to soothe him! Our hearts literally cannot take this!

9. V, Contain Yourself

Let’s ignore the fact that V completely ignored Jungkook’s attempt at a high-five because that’s not the point. Look at how big V’s smile is when looking at his maknae! You can see all 32 of his teeth and probably his tonsils because of how big he is smiling. He can’t help himself in front of Jungkook’s cuteness and relays his love by giving Junkook’s chin a little love tap.

10. What A Big Smile You’ve Got There, Suga

I swear we only see Suga smile this freaking big whenever Jungkook is around. The man, who is usually not about the lovey-dovey stuff casually lets Jungkook absolutely smother him with the biggest bear hug we’ve ever seen. Look at them! Look at the hug! Look at Suga’s smile! That is true love right there.

11. Who Is Cutting Motherfreaking Onions In Here?!

Here we have RM speaking on behalf of the members with Jungkook being gone. We’ll just let the words do their thing.

He is absolutely necessary to us. He is like the light and the salt to our lives…Jungkook-ah, come back quickly.

— RM

Wow, is Jungkook lucky or what? The bond between the 7 members of BTS will never fail to impress us. They show us what true brotherly love is and we will never get sick of it.

Source: theqoo and Instiz