11 Times Red Velvet Seulgi Looked Totally Hot In Denim

She can make denim look anything from cute to sexy!

Red Velvet Seulgi is the queen of denim and these 11 pictures are some of our favorite moments of Seulgi in denim.


1. The Casual Destroyed

Seulgi looked, well… MARVELous, in this casual comfy outfit! With her layered sweater, destroyed jeans, and classic ADIDAS sneakers, she looked like the perfect girlfriend material.


2. The Fitted Jacket

When Seulgi had blonde hair, she took her denim styles to a whole new level. With the hair color complimenting the outfit even more, this super simple fitted denim jacket on simple white T-shirt match was turned into an out-of-this-world look.


3. The Frills & Slippers

Seulgi looked amazing in this spring-summer perfect outfit. With the mustard colored shirt bringing out her completely flawless skin even more, and the light washed frill bottom jeans, down to the cutest brown slippers, Seulgi rocked this classic shirt & jeans style.


4. The Point Denim

Blue denim and white is always a good color combination. So when Seulgi wore this white knit shirt with denim points for a photoshoot, she looked simply amazing!


5. The Denim-On-Denim

This denim on denim look is such cuteness! It’s not easy, but Seulgi does it. Seulgi’s blonde hair looked really good with the style too.


6. The Leather Patch

Everything about this look is spot on, from her tied-up hair do, minimal make-up, linen shirt, leather-patched jeans, to classic sneakers! This is one of Seulgi’s best college looks and she is, of course, absolutely stunning.


7. The Romper

Doesn’t Seulgi look adorable in this denim romper? The way she used red sneakers to add the splash of color to the entire outfit is on point. Fans loved Seulgi in overalls!


8. The Boots

Here’s Seulgi slaying the sexy denim look. From the peacoat, to the black V-neck with the matching belt, bag, and boots, everything about this denim styling is classic and drop dead gorgeous.


9. The Sporty

Seulgi rocks denim on stage too! She matched a pair of high-rise mini denim shorts with a crop jersey for a “Dumb Dumb” performance. Playful and sporty, Seulgi can do!


10. The Deep Blue

Darker denim compliments Seulgi very well. The deep navy color makes her fair skin tone stand out. This is just another one of Seulgi’s millions of denim-and-white-shirt combinations, but it never ceases to wow her fans.


11. The Skinny

Seulgi in a bun is bliss. So when she pulled her hair up, in this simple T-shirt and skinny jeans outfit, fans lost their minds. Seulgi completely wins this most classic casual style!

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