11 Tweets That Sum Up Just How Thirsty Everyone Is For MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

Moonbyul got you pregnant, too? Get in line.

Moonbyul is the perfect epitome of what a “girl crush” should be.

Put it in your calendar: MAMAMOO’s rapper, vocalist and dancer Moonbyul is making her comeback with her second solo album this February 14, 2020.

Seeing as it’s Moonbyul’s second solo album, RBW is doing everything it can to release teasers about the rapper’s comeback.

Needless to say, MooMoo’s everywhere are losing their minds and struggling to function with all the teasers that Moonbyul released.

Just yesterday, February 11, the teaser for Moonbyul’s “Eclipse” was released.

And MooMoos have since taken to Twitter to express their thirst for MAMAMOO’s deep-voiced, swag-filled rapper.

1. Not everyone likes the hero and that’s okay

2. She stans talent — among other things…

3. No such thing as “chill” in her vocabulary: can you blame her?

4. The amount of swag in one video…

5. That escalated quickly

6. Good luck to everyone listening to this

7. Moves that make you say “Woo Hoo”

8. Hear that? That’s the sound of the charts breaking

9. Hard work is sexy

10. Did anyone say oppa?

11. How did that happen?