12 Female Idols You Never Knew Were Hardcore Gamers

Gaming isn’t something that comes to mind when most people think of female idols. However for some of them, it’s a great way to relax from the grind of being a celebrity.

Here’s 12 female idols who you didn’t know were hardcore gamers.

1. Jisook

Former Rainbow member Jisook proved she was a game-maniac on I Live Alone, where one of the first things she did after waking up was turn on her Playstation 4 and start playing Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.

2. Seo Yuri

Before Seo Yuri joined the entertainment industry as a cast member for variety shows, she was a voice actress and cosplayer. She has cosplayed Ahri from League of Legends and also revealed her home has 4 gaming computers.

3. Brown Eyed Girls Miryo

Miryo just recently opened a Twitch channel and is an avid Overwatch fan, with her preferred heroes being Winston, Mei, and Sombra.

4. Apink Hayoung

Hayoung is the gamer within Apink, playing Overwatch and Sudden Attack. Huh Gak even made fun of her for being a gamer, sending a coffee truck to her drama set and saying “Hayoung, stop playing games, let’s act.”

5. 9muses Keumjo

Keumjo is another Overwatch fan. During 9muses A’s showcase, Keumjo showed off her voice impressions of Overwatch characters Mei and D.VA.

6. TWICE Mina

Mina is a big fan of the online real-time action game Elsword, playing it in her free time. She also mentioned she’s sad since the other TWICE members don’t play games very often.

7. Lady Jane

Lady Jane is a big fan of League of Legends, the most played game in PC Cafes in Korea. She was also spotted watching League of Legends matches at the Ongamenet studio.


LE was engrossed in a map in Diablo 3 before Hani came up to her, causing a distraction. LE’s face after being disturbed was priceless!

9. Lee Sora

Considered one of Korea’s best female vocalists, Lee Sora’s surprising hobby is playing video games! She plays World of Warcraft and during her time on I Am A Singer, revealed she played 6 hours a day!

10. Chae Rina

On Radio Star, Chae Rina revealed her husband really hates when she plays computer games, but she can’t keep herself away from World of Warcraft.

11. Park Jin Joo

Park Jin Joo is a big fan of Overwatch, often going to PC cafes to play with her friends Lee Si Eon and Kwak Dong Yeon.

12. Hong Jin Young

Hong Jin Young also started a Twitch channel and plays PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Some people even say she could be the 2nd idol pro gamer after Jung Joon Young!