12 NCT Looks That Made Fan Believe Their Stylist Held Grudges Towards The Members

What was the stylist thinking…?

While some NCTzens were not happy about the NCT 127‘s glittery outfit at the 2019 Seoul Music Awards, we all know the members had to endure much darker times in the past.

So here are 13 photos of NCT 127’s old style fails to remind us how far the members have come and they are only going to get better in time!

1. Their grey outfit that looks like half pajamas and half school uniform mix up.

2. The time their stylist was really into hats and beanies.

3. I guess the concept was finding anything in red…?

4. When they wore every possible prints in the world all at the same time.

5. When they were wearing multiple layers during the summer.

6. Remember the time it got so bad Super Junior’s Heechul discussed the need to change NCT’s wardrobes with creative director, Kangta?

7. Metallic pants!

8.  They look like 90’s k-pop group cover band.

9. 80’s punk band?

10. I didn’t know they were a biker gang!

11. The stylist really liked baggy pants and the color red.

12. And… this…

Wow, so glad to see those days are gone!


Source: Naver