12 Precious Times Park Min Young Made Us Fall In Love With Her Bright Smile And Cheerful Personality

Park Min Young’s smile will brighten your day, especially at #10.

Three things make Park Min Young the perfect Korean actress.

First is her versatile acting talent that she’s proven time and time again, ever since she made her acting debut in the year 2006.

Second is her gorgeous visuals that make her look perfect for any role…

…from a duty-bound sister who disguises as her brother in order to enroll in a prestigious education university…

…to a loyal secretary who’s always efficient and organized to make sure that her boss’s needs are well taken cared of.

Her airport fashion is truly on point, too.

And the third element that truly put Park Min Young on the map is her bright, refreshing and adorable smile that always manages to put you in a good mood whenever you see it!

Here are twelve moments of her precious smile — check them out today and prepare to turn that frown upside down:

1. Playful Park Min Young

2. She’s never one to back down from a challenge

3. A rose biting a rose

4. Girlfriend vibes, anyone?

5. Catching your feelings

6. That eyebrow quirk is definitely delightful

7. This is what LOL looks like in real life

8. Short-haired Min Young smiling sweetly at you

9. Who says you can’t look friendly when you’re wearing a stylish outfit?

10. Drop the beat, yo!

11. Her cutest accessory is her smile

12. Smile + wink = 100% deadly attack

You can never get enough of Park Min Young, right? So why don’t you fill your quota for the day and check out the next article below for some fashion inspiration?

12 Times Park Min Young Made Our Jaws Drop With Her Effortlessly Gorgeous Visuals And Chic Airport Fashion