13 Of The Most Iconic Female Power Moments In K-Pop That Will Leave You Breathless

Let these talented ladies inspire you!

When it comes to powerful female performers, K-Pop is pretty much unmatched. With incredible vocal, rapping, dancing, and overall performance skills, the ladies in the industry have proven time and again that they deserve to be recognized and praised for their talents and hard work. Here are 13 of the most iconic, amazing, and breathtaking performances that female K-Pop artists have had.

1. When Jennie showed her acoustic skills performing “Best Part” on her own

2. Hwasa’s incredible performance of “Handclap” that gave everyone a nosebleed

3. The stunning dance break in (G)I-DLE’s “Uh-Oh” performance

4. Wheein’s iconic cover of “Finesse” that might as well have made her the queen of English covers

5. Seulgi’s fancam performance of “Be Natural” at La Rouge that captivated everyone

6. SeolA’s stunning cover of EXO’s “Love Shot” that proved her skills as a solo performer

7. Chaeyeon’s incredible dance performance on Produce 48 that made her seem like a seasoned pro

8. Chaeyoung’s special stage during the 2018 KBS Song Festival that proved to everyone she is a fantastic rapper

9. Joy’s solo performance at La Rouge that made everyone want to learn how to tango

10. All the ladies of LOONA absolutely killing their cover of NCT 127’s “Cherry Bomb”

11. When Nayeon, Momo, Mina, and Chaeyoung made Sunmi proud with their cover of “Gashina”

12. Solar’s stunning pole dance performance during the 2018 MAMAs that had everyone holding their breath

13. And finally, CL proving she’ll always be the ultimate queen of K-Pop with her performance of “Hello B*tches” at the 2015 MAMAs