13 Things Only People Who Watch K-Dramas Will Understand

Whether your a new fan or a longtime fan of K-Dramas, you will 100% understand these things!

1. The impatient wait for subs

Probably the worst part of being an international K-Drama fan is waiting for subtitles. The wait is beyond painful and you desperately just want to watch the show but you know if you do you won’t understand anything!

Then there’s the danger that someone, somewhere in the world, will spoil the episode so you have to tread carefully.

But when the subs finally upload you can’t contain your excitement and want to give the subbers a big hug for their hard work!

At the same time, you start thinking of the quickest way to learn Korean so you no longer have to wait!

2. The horrifying moment when your video or subs freeze

Of course just because the subtitles have been added doesn’t mean your out of the water yet. Nothing can be more frustrating than having your video or subs freeze while your watching. The moment either of them freezes you go through the 5 stage grief.

3. Having second lead syndrome

How is it possible for the female lead to not fall head over heels for the second lead when you already have?

But if she doesn’t take him, does that mean you can?

4. But also loving the main lead

You might love the second lead but at the same time, you also love the main lead. Even if you started out disliking him because he came between the female lead and the second lead, you can’t deny your feelings.

There’s just something that makes them so perfect!

5. Mentally preparing yourself for the next drama

You’ve already overcome the heartbreak and emotional trauma that came with one drama, now you have your eyes set on another. The only problem is you’re not so sure your heart can take it again!

So you have to take some time to relax and focus your head and heart for the next one.

6. Desperately trying to figure out what happens next

Why is it that every episode ends on a cliffhanger? The agony of waiting another week to find out what happens is pure torture, so you go back through every detail from the episode to try and figure out what will probably happen next.

7. Worrying about every character that gets in a car or crosses the street

Cars are always so dangerous. When characters get in cars, there’s the chance that they could get in an accident and that means anything from amnesia to death. Your heart just can’t handle that!

And of course it’s not just when your favorite characters get in cars, the dangers can also strike at any time when they cross the street.

8. When K-Dramas are more important than sleep

Stopping yourself from watching the next episode is never easy. So when you check the clock and realize that it’s still pretty early, you can’t help but watch another.

Then you check the clock again and you decide to keep watching. This continues until you realize that it’s morning. Oh well, dramas are more important than sleep anyway!

9. Wondering if amnesia is actually really common

You watch one K-Drama and go through the pain of watching one of your favorite characters suffering from amnesia. Then you watch another, and one character can no longer recognize the love of their life.

The more dramas you watch, the more amnesia cases you see and you just can’t help but wonder if it’s as common as the common cold!

10. Fangirling or fanboying at the first signs of affection between your ships

The heart fluttering moment when your favorite couple starts getting flirty with each other is beyond compare.

And then when they step things up to holding hands, your heart feels like its going to explode.

And when the moment finally comes for them to kiss, you just can’t contain your emotions anymore!

11. Throwing water in someone’s face is the greatest revenge

Nothing spells revenge quite like an icy cold drink in someone’s face!

12. Wondering if the writers feel our pain

13. Desperately wishing for a second season

Who cares if there was a happy ending we need to see more. Please, writers, we’re desperate to see more of our favorite characters!

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