13 Times BTS Jimin’s Arms Were The Best Kind Of Distraction

You’ve got to see #8.

As all fans know, BTS‘s Jimin has the kind of physique that only a few people ever get in their lives. His arms in particular are r-i-p-p-e-d. His muscles are well defined and they match his body perfectly, often causing ARMYs to get a bit distracted.

Check out some off his best “arm photos” below!

1. When the back of his arms were emphasized

2. When he pushed his wet hair back

3. When he killed it on stage

4. When he was iconic AF

5. When he was a cute rookie

6. When he was a cute rookie in a jersey

7. When his forearms were highlighted

8. When he sat in the waiting room

9. When we got a view of his arms from on top

10. When he stood regally on stage

11. When his muscles were well defined

12. When he raised an ARMY bomb

13. And when he made a heart for fans