13 Times BTS’s RM Looked Hella Fine With His Hair Up And Forehead Exposed

#6 stopped our hearts πŸ’•

BTS‘s RM has made ARMYs’ jaws drop countless times because of his visuals. To many fans, some of his best looks are when his hair is slicked up and his forehead is gloriously revealed. If you’re someone who appreciates RM’s top notch looks, then the following gifs may just make your heart race!

Check them out below!

1. When he sent ARMYs his love then shyly bit his finger

RM may spit fire on stage with his rap, but he’s also a soft boy who can get shy and awkward at times.

2. When he smiled sweetly

Imagine RM smiling directly at you, his attention on no other person. Yes, we can dream.

3. When he gazed at the camera

With his hair styled cleanly up, RM looks ten times more polished and classy.

4. When he was all sweaty (and looked hot AF)

Honestly, it’s possible to stare at this gif all day.

5. When he gave a thumbs up

Did we already mention that RM is one of the most adorable people on earth? Because he is.

6. When he put his jacket on

He may be adorable at times, but he can also be seriously sexy. The duality is real.

7. When he frowned and looked down

It may be cheesy, but ARMYs want nothing more than for RM to always be happy.

8. When he glanced up

RM doesn’t even need to try to be charming and we’d still fall for him.

9. When he laughed out loud

There’s nothing more mesmerizing than seeing his genuine laughter.

10. When he owned the stage

It’s an absolute joy to see RM give his all in every performance. No biasβ€”he’s truly brimming with talent and stage presence.

11. When he looked deep in thought

We wonder what goes on in the head of one of the smartest people in the industry.

12. When he spoke eloquently

Considering how RM taught himself English, it’s even more amazing to see how eloquently he can speak the language.

13. Finally, when he grinned

Because it’s the most beautiful sight in the world.