14 High-Key Iconic Things EXO-L Did While Waiting for EXO’s Comeback

Waiting a year for one of the biggest boy bands in the world to drop a new album has caused EXO-L to become quite creative with their time.

1. EXO-L Lights Up The Burj Khalifa

EXO Baidu Bar purchased a slot at the famous light and sound show on The Burj Khalifa aka the tallest building in the world. It featured EXO on their giant LED screens on July 14th. 


2. D.O.’s Photocard Challenge

Usually the photocards that come with albums are adorable selfies the idol has taken to share with their fans, but D.O. is always a step ahead of the trend with the selfie he shared for the “Universe” release.


EXO-L took is upon themselves to participate in the #KyungsooPCChallenge in which they fit the hilarious photocard to their faces!


3. To celebrate Chanyeol’s birthday last November, EXO-L worked together to raise money in order to build a reading room for children in Nepal.


4. FIFA World Cup Voting

On July 4, the official FIFA World Cup Twitter posted a tweet asking fans which song they would like heard inside the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. EXO’s “Power” was among the options, and after a day of intense voting, EXO’s “Power” won. FIFA World Cup’s Twitter announced that EXO’s “Power” had been chosen to play on the day of the final match.


5. To show that EXO-L love Xiumin to the moon and back, they bought a plot of land on the moon for him.


6. Somehow manage to solve these impossible word puzzles that Baekhyun posted on Twitter.

He essentially posted the first letter of every word in a long message that translated to this:

“Eri [EXO-L] I love you too don’t be sick, eat a lot, if you’re happy I’m happy, really, [kissing sound], I miss you.”


7. Cause The Dubai Fountain to extend the “Power” Fountain Show.

The incredible fountain show featuring “Power” at the Dubai Fountain was originally supposed to play for just January 2018 but was extended until March 31. Then, it was brought back for the entirety of September 2018 — due to popular demand.


8. Spam Lay with pictures of roosters and baby sheep on Twitter.

Trying to get your bias with over 800,000 followers to notice you on social media is an art, and EXO-L’s got it figured out with the help of Yixing’s most favourite and least favourite animals.


9. Sehun’s 24th birthday (25th in Korean age) is on 12 April and to celebrate it, his fans bought a full page, full colour ad in the New York Times, which costs at least $100,000 USD. He was the first K-pop idol to have a full-page ad in the NY Times.


10. Faithfully do the “Kokobop” fanchant, no matter how tired they were of the track.

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11. To celebrate Chen’s birthday this year, Chen fans funded the building of a classroom called “Kim Jongdae Love Music Classroom” to a kindergarten for children with hearing impairment. They hoped that through this donation the joy and love that Chen spreads will be passed on to the children!


12. Expressed their love by attacking Baekhyun while playing PUBG with him.


13. Kai was chosen as the cover model for the December issue of “The Big Issue”, a magazine that helps out the homeless. EXO-L in total purchased 80,000 copies, recording the highest number of copies sold ever.


14.  EXO-L purchased two plots of land for Suho’s birthday this year, making him the Lord Kim Junmyeon of Lochaber & Glencoe.