14 Times Amber Went For A Much More Feminine Look

Amber looks gorgeous in anything, but here are some times she rocked a feminine look!

Amber is known and loved for her tomboyish style and character, rarely seen wearing skirts, dresses or other girlish attire. We love her casual hip-hop fashion, but there have been times when she donned a more feminine style, with matching makeup and accessories. Check out 15 times Amber brought out her feminine side!

1. When Amber suddenly wore a wig and a pouty expression.

2. When she prettied it up with his gorgeous flower.

3. When she looked beautiful with this braided ponytail.

4. When she donned a tartan skirt and a crown.

5. During f(x)‘s teaser shoot for “Red Light”.

6. And when she filmed the MV, rocking gorgeous red hair, on-point makeup and bling.

7. When she went artistic for a photo shoot.

8. When she was forced to wear a skirt on Real Men and went into cutesy mode.

9. When she showed off her hips in this leopard print dress.

10. That time she was a bride in bows and white.

11. When she looked cute and stylish for “Electric Shock” promos.

12. When this picture with Victoria surfaced.

13. When she glamed it up for f(x)’s first album cover.

14. When she went girly for a hilarious SNL skit.

Rocking a wig and pink dress…

Snuggling up to her oppa…

And even aiming a gun cutely!

Just being fabulous!

BONUS: Amber in heels!