These Are The 15 Best-Selling K-Pop Artists Of The Last Month

This summer has been huge for K-Pop.

This summer has been full of tons of comebacks and debuts in K-Pop, and it shows in the sales that artists have been making! Whether the sales are in albums or singles, the following list shows which 15 K-Pop artists have had the most sales in the last month. Some of this is due to recent comebacks, whereas others are just from simply how popular the artist is and they’re able to still make a lot of sales outside of active promotion. Check them out below!

15. Golden Child (27.13k sales)

14. VeriVery (37.06k sales)

13. AB6IX (40.17k sales)

12. NCT 127 (58.32k sales)

11. Lee Jinhyuk (64.08k sales)

10. TXT (67.55k sales)

9. Stray Kids (76.16k sales)

8. Woodz (77.45k sales)

7. GFRIEND (89.41k sales)

6. SF9 (99.29k sales)

5. SEVENTEEN (148.87k sales)

4. BTS (158.21k sales)

3. Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi (206.39k sales)

2. ATEEZ (223.50k sales)

1. BLACKPINK (319.10k sales)