Here Are 15 Of BLINKs Relatable Reactions To BLACKPINK’s “THE ALBUM”

It’s finally happening, and fans are freaking out.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard by now that BLACKPINK will be releasing their very first full-length album, called THE ALBUM, on October 2 of this year. Fans are understandably excited, since the group has only released two mini-albums since their debut in 2016, and many took to social media in order to share their elation. Here are 15 reactions.

1. BLINKs are understandably going to go a little broke…

2. Or maybe a lot broke.

3. Would anyone be surprised?

4. Everyone will know which album BLINKs are talking about soon.

5. … They’re not wrong!

6. Honestly, would it be a surprise at this point?

7. This is going to be BLINKs everywhere.

8. This was basically how it happened.

9. It all makes sense now.

10. Preach!

11. If this isn’t accurate…

12. Okay y’all, please don’t get TOO extreme…

13. It really is about dang time.

14. Also about dang time!

15. And that’s that.