15 BTS English Subtitles That Look Fake, But Are 100% Real

Did they really just say that? Yes… Yes, they did.

BTS fans who do not speak Korean depend on subtitles to tell them what their oppa is saying. Sometimes though, the words that come out of BTS’s mouths are that are so unexpected that ARMYs think, “Wait, did he really say that?”. In fact, some of these quotes sound like they’re straight out of fan fiction, not reality, but they are 100% real!

1. “If it’s Fake Love, it has to be sexual…”

During the behind the scenes making film for BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” MV, Jungkook really took fans by surprise! When J-Hope commented on Jungkook’s iconic ab flash, Jungkook said, “If it’s Fake Love, it has to be sexual”. Jungkook was most likely referring to “FAKE LOVE’s” “sexy” concept, but hearing him say such things still made fans lose their minds. BTS’s fetus really has grown up!

2.”What you guys need to be excited for is not the back…”

When V brought up the moment when he bares his back for “Blood, Sweat, & Tears”, Jimin went out of his way to embarrass him. Jimin told fans that what they should look forward to seeing was not the back…but the front.

3. “Pipe down, you non-artists.”

When it comes to extra BTS quotes, Jin reigns king. Fans have learned to expect the unexpected from him, but sometimes Jin’s one-liners are so hilarious that you can’t help but wonder if the subs are legit. During an episode of Run BTS!, he called his members “non-artists” when they were asked to critique a photo.

4. “Jungkook is not wearing his clothes?”

During a live broadcast, Jungkook told V to wait until he finished dressing to come into the room. V made the moment a way bigger deal than it needed to be by making a pervy derp face, then asking Jungkook if he was naked!

5. “My life is smeared with my handsomeness.”

Everybody knows that Worldwide Handsome Jin is in love with himself, but this quote seems over the top, even for him!

6. “If I download it, everyone else watches.”

During BTS’s rookie days, J-Hope and Jimin brought up the fact that one of BTS’s studio computers kept getting viruses. RM was jokingly accused of being a “porn maniac”, but he defended himself by throwing the rest of his members under the bus. Lesson learned: if the leader goes down, he’s taking everyone with him!

7. “Stop talking. Dead cells are coming out of your mouth.”

On Knowing Bros, Super Junior‘s Heechul challenged BTS to argue with each other in their home dialects. V came on so strong that Jin wasn’t sure how to take it!

8. “The mosquito knew my lips are attractive. It’s why it bit my lip.”

Really, Jin? Even blood-sucking insects are in love with you now? Jin’s shamelessness knows no bounds, but this quote is definitely outrageous enough to seem fake!

9. Jungkook’s shower peek

This entire scenario seems like a page out of funny fan fiction, but nope. It’s just another day in the life of BTS! One time when J-Hope was showering, Jungkook opened the door, took a peek, then walked away!

10. “You always ignore me, so I didn’t notice.”

During an episode of Run BTS!, Jungkook was given a few tasks as part of his “mission”. One of them was ignoring V. V’s response to Jungkook’s confession sums up their friendship in such a hilariously accurate way, that it seems to good to be true.

11. Jin’s marriage proposal

Jin’s response to this ARMY’s proposal was so blunt that you can’t help but wonder if this scenario was legit or created by fan translators for a laugh.

12. “I want you.”

JiKook shippers, this one’s for you! During a photo shoot, Jungkook tried to make Jimin break character by repeatedly saying “I want you” in a come-hither voice. Eventually, Jimin told Jungkook to knock it off because the audio sounded scandalous!

13. “The beautiful woman will take off her robe…”

When taken out of context, this quote might make you wonder is there is something totally off with the subtitles. The way RM described Jin’s birthday prank, which involved Jin walking into the wrong person’s hotel room, was a little on the racy side!

14. “Thanks mom for giving me life so I can enjoy food.”

BTS’s quote king strikes again! ARMY knows how much Jin loves food, but would he really thank his mom for giving birth to him just so that he can eat? Indeed, he would!

15. “If you were to choose me, I can show you not the top, but the bottom.”

Jimin doesn’t usually say dirty-minded things, so when he does, it takes some fans by surprise. You might wonder, “Did he really just imply what I think he’s implying?”, “Are these subs for real?”. The answer, ARMY, is yes!