Just 15 More Funny BTS Weverse Posts That We Can’t Forget About

Artists and fans must both make the effort to communicate with one another.

Going along with our previous post about funny responses by BTS on Weverse, here is round two! It seems as if fans and BTS have both upgraded their witty sense of humor as both their posts and comments are a whole comedy show all in itself! Let’s take a look at some more iconic posts!

1. Bang PD

A fan asked why Bang Si Hyuk appeared in the photo and Jin quickly responded with, “Bang PD will cry…” showing that Bang PD is a softie that might get sad from seeing a post like this. The original poster edited their post and added that they loved both Jin and Bang PD.

2. The life of a BTS ARMY

A fan posted a cycle of how their daily lives went about and RM commented, “life is a continuous cycle,” which is totally relatable to all ARMYs.

3. Rap Master Jin

A fan posted a photo of what looked like Jin singing with his hand stretched out. Jin came up with a witty response by saying, “I can see the acceptance necklace being handed to him.” This is referring to Korean hip-hop auditions where the judges will give contestants a necklace to let them know they have passed.

4. Cake mystery is finally solved

Someone asked why the cake was bitten off and the photos revealed the culprit behind it! Suga, who obviously thought it was RM who had eaten it, considering he is the “god of destruction” character, was surprised to see that it was actually Jin who ate a piece of the cake!

5. Wise words from a wise man

Jin gives a reasonable answer as to why they can drink alcohol even though his throat hurts. He explains that if you get hurt you use alcohol swabs to wipe it so it’s the same for your throat: you drink alcohol to cleanse your throat! Suga left a comment saying, “Wise words.”

6. Yeontan

A fan tried to draw V‘s puppy Yeontan and ended up drawing Bart Simpson. V leaves a question mark as he is confused as how they can go from Yeontan to a totally different character.

7. Mr. Clean

A fan posted a photo of RM resembling Mr. Clean in which Suga commented, “This is Cleaningsonyeon-dan’s CM!” changing RM’s name to CM to match the photo.

8. A good friend

A fan asks RM for help after their friends make fun of them for liking mint chocolate. RM believes those people are not good friends as he believes mint chocolate should just disappear.

9. Suspension series at it again

A fan asks if these two photos are the same person and V asks for this person’s account to be suspended for three days for posting this.

10. Translation problems

A fan, who most likely used a translator to write their post, was trying to tell them that they would be so happy if they met them in real life, but the translator translated it to “When I meet your eyes, I will definitely die.” Jin commented, “I know what you are trying to say but the translation is a bit…”

11. To-do list

A fan asked what to do since they were finished with their to-do list for today (They’re only thing on the list was to adore Jimin). Jin commented, “Please add adore Jin too!”

12. SMH

A fan posted about how much they loved Bang Si Hyuk in which V replied with, “SMH.” I think V’s answer says it all.

13. How much do you miss them

A fan left a long post about just how much they missed them and stated that they missed them even after rolling backwards 20130613 times. Jin commented, “You know you could die from doing 20130613 back rolls.”

14. Jin the endorsement king

A fan asked what they could by that was BTS-related but not too expensive. Jin came right around and recommended FILA for exercise, Hyundai if you didn’t want to walk, and Lemona if your health was bad.

15. Human or animal

A fan posted photos of fan drawings of the members and pointed out Jin’s in particular. Jin commented, “It looks like there is one here that is a total different species.” Fans found this funny as he was always busy endorsing his character RJ.

Even after seven years, BTS and fans have continued to interact with each other on multiple platforms and have made the effort to connect with their fans on a personal level. The dedication and hard work that the boys put into not only their performances but also to their fans, contributes to their worldwide success and fame.