15 Iconic Moments From MONSTA X In Celebration Of The 4th Anniversary Of Their 2015 Debut

4 years down, forever to go!

In 4 short years, MONSTA X has gone from a rookie group to an international K-Pop phenomenon. They’ve broken records, made history worldwide, and touched our hearts in the process. In honor of the 4th anniversary of their May 14, 2015 debut here are 15 moments that any MONBEBE will remember from debut til now.

1. NO MERCY: The Show That Started It All

Through NO MERCY, fans got to know each of the boys for the first time. Would-be MONBEBEs went through all the highs and lows with these 7 talented boys who stamped themselves onto their hearts.

2. Reality Shows: Not-So-Hidden Gems

After debut, MONSTA X got right to work “tresspassing” into MONBEBEs hearts with their reality programs. Their MONSTA X RAY series has given the world so many gems, like introducing us to the lovely ladies of MONSTA X.


3. Wonho’s Bungee Jump Scene on Right Now


Speaking of reality shows, MONSTA X went bungee jumping on their first reality show Right Now. Wonho was afraid of heights and bungee jumping is arguably one of every acrophobic person’s nightmares. Wonho is a big strong man with a big soft heart who challenges himself in every way to become a better person.  (We should all strive to be like Wonho!)

4. Memewon

Hyungwon is probably the most meme’d K-Pop star in the world. People who know nothing about MONSTA X and/or K-Pop even use his hilarious and relatable reactions as memes. Among non-fans he’s gained the title of “K-Pop Meme Guy”. Even Starbucks has gotten in on the Hyungwon meme wave.

5. First World Tour: BEAUTIFUL In The U.S.

MONSTA X embarked on and sold out their first world tour in 2017, which is a defining moment in any K-Pop group’s career. MONSTA X are admittedly not that popular in Korea (with their popularity rising with every comeback), but their international following is large. Since 2017 they have performed on two additional world tours as they build their global empire.

The final bow from the Taipei stop on MONSTA X’s “BEAUTIFUL” Tour

6. Their Very First Win On A Music Show

After almost three years after debut, and after promoting 9 Korean singles, the boys finally got their first music show win with 2017’s “DRAMARAMA”. MONSTA X had previously stated that they didn’t even like being nominated for first place because they never won. Finally getting 1st place was an emotional time for them as well as MONBEBE who support them.

7. First K-Pop Act To Headline iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball Festival

MONSTA X made history as the first K-Pop act to headline iHeartRadio‘s annual Jingle Ball music festival. If anyone was wondering how the only Korean act at an American music festival was going to do, the boys absolutely killed it and laid haters’ doubts to rest.

8. U.S. Talk Shows & Interviews

In support of their U.S. tours, MONSTA X became literal household names by visiting various U.S. morning talk shows and radio shows. They’re always naturals during their U.S. interviews and they’re only getting better with time.

9. Buzzfeed’s Puppy Interview

One such American interview was Buzzfeed‘s iconic puppy interview that literally everyone has done. We don’t know what’s cuter: the boys or the puppies!

10. Fashion Designer Wonho

Wonho has turned heads and made headlines with his sexy-chic fashion, and it was recently revealed by MONSTA X’s stylist that he actually designs his clothes. He shows their designer pictures and even sketches of what he wants to wear and trusts her to make it happen. (Fashionable king!)

MONSTA X’s Stylist Revealed That Wonho Actually Designs His Own Stage Outfits

11. Songs Dedicated to MONBEBE: “I’ll Be There” & “DRAMARAMA”

MONSTA X have never been shy about their love for their MONBEBE. Wonho talks about writing “I’ll Be There” as a fan song dedicated to MONBEBE, asking MONBEBE to stay with them forever. In DRAMARAMA (the song that got MONSTA X their first win), Jooheon and I.M even added a subtle shoutout to MONBEBE during his and I.M’s joint rap.

12. Collaborations With Western Artists

Not only do MONSTA X have one of the highest followings in the West, they’ve also collaborated with well-known Western artists like Gallant and Steve Aoki. I.M’s mixtape single “Horizon” featuring American singer ELHAE was just released in April 2019.

The artwork for I.M’s “HORIZON”

13. “Fighter” Part Switch Version

As a gift to MONBEBE last year, the members prepared a part-switch version of 2016’s “Fighter”. It was hilarious to see them put this version together, but the finished product highlights skills they don’t usually get to show and perhaps they didn’t know they had. Vocals Jooheon and I.M & Rappers Hyungwon and Minhyuk are something everyone needs in their life.

14. 2019 Version of “Tresspass”

On the vein of recreating their past greatness, MONSTA X prepared a 2019 version of their debut track “Tresspass” for Weekly Idol back in February. The updated version features some new vocals and some upgraded swag and confidence from the boys.

15. Wonho Message fancafé: “우리의” (Ours)

On May 14, Wonho uploaded a very special message to MONBEBE on MONSTA X’s fancafé called “Ours“.  A translation of Wonho’s message is below.

4 years worth of time

Many experiences

How to love and how receive love

How to be hurt and how to get over the pain

How to laugh and how to make others laugh

Thank you for letting me know all of those feelings

Let’s be together for a long time so that I can feel and learn about more detailed emotions going forward. Thank you!!!


A selfie Wonho uploaded along with his message

After 4 years, MONSTA X are just getting started, and wherever their journey takes them next we hope it will be filled with love, support and success.