These Are 15 K-Pop Groups That Disbanded After Releasing Only 2 Songs

These groups disbanded before their time.

There are a lot of K-Pop groups that debut and, due to poor marketing or just the over-saturation of new groups in the industry, don’t get the attention that other groups do. Some groups continue to make releases despite this, while others, for various circumstances, disband after only a couple releases. The following 15 groups ended up disbanding after only releasing two songs (their debut and first comeback), despite some of them being really good!


Debuted: September 2014

Disbanded: November 2016 (later re-debuted in 2017 with more members as Dreamcatcher)

Songs: “Why Did You Come to My Home?” and “Love Shake”

2. LC9

Debuted: May 2013

Disbanded: January 2016

Songs: “Mama Beat” and “East of Eden”

3. EvoL

Debuted: August 2012

Disbanded: (Unofficially) August 2015

Songs: “We are a Bit Different” and “Get Up”


Debuted: October 2013

Disbanded: 2015

Songs: “Love at First Sight” and “Wolf is Stupid”

5. Wonder Boyz

Debuted: October 2012

Disbanded: January 2015

Songs: “Open the Door” and “Tarzan”


Debuted: May 2016

Disbanded: March 2017

Songs: “Oh Ma Mind” and “Love is a Sudden”

7. myB

Debuted: August 2015

Disbanded: December 2016

Songs: “MY OH MY” and “DDODDO”

8. Unicorn

Debuted: September 2015

Disbanded: September 2017

Songs: “HUK” and “Blink Blink”


Debuted: August 2012

Disbanded: Late 2014

Songs: “Oh! Dance” and “Luv Virus”

10. ZPZG

Debuted: September 2014

Disbanded: March 2016

Songs: “Go Crazy” and “AOAO”

11. BP POP

Debuted: January 2013

Disbanded: 2015

Songs: “Today” and “Never Ever Let Me Go”

12. Never Mind

Debuted: January 2013

Disbanded: 2014

Songs: “Shooting Star” and “HOI HOI”

13. Kiss&Cry

Debuted: January 2014

Disbanded: August 2014

Songs: “Domino Game” and “Bad Girl”

14. F1RST

Debuted: August 2010

Disbanded: 2013

Songs: “I Love You, You Love Me” and “MA MA MY”

15. B.Dolls

Debuted: September 2010

Disbanded: (Unofficially) 2011

Songs: “Disco Town” and “겨울이야기”

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