15+ Times IU Proved She’s The Cutest Bad Girl Alive

Have you ever seen a cuter glare?

IU is hands down considered one of the cutest female celebrities in Korea. She is often praised for her sweet, youthful-looking visuals that match her playful personality.

Despite having a baby face, however, IU can pull off the bad girl look any day. Check out her most charismatic (but still pinch-your-cheeks-worthy) photos below:

1. Her layered street-wear, street-girl look

2. Her “I’m a queen” Hotel Del Luna look


3. Her rarely-dyed light brown hair look

4. Her over-sized leather jacket look

5. Her all-black photoshoot look

6. Her comfy baggy clothes look

7. Her gorgeous ice princess selca look

8. Her lethal maroon choker look

9. Her extreme “I’m judging you” look

10. Her killer side-eye glare look

11. Her “I’m a top madame and you know it” look

12. Her ultimate leather get-up concert look

13. Her “I’m wearing bunny ears but don’t mess with me” look

14. Her serene and confident airport look

15. Her spy girl leather jacket look

16. Her intense “What did you say?” look

17. And finally, her iconic “I can’t believe you” look


She definitely pulls off all expressions! Which one is your personal IU favorite?