15+ Times Nam Joo Hyuk Looked Fine AF Wearing A Suit

You’ve got to see #8.

There’s just something about actors wearing a suit that elevates their looks. Nam Joo Hyuk is no exception. With his good looks, he can pull off a variety of cuts and colors with ease.

Check out some of the best suit-wearing moments below!

1. In this red turtleneck suit

2. In this pinstriped suit

3. In this grey vested suit

4. In this award-show tux

5. In this grey coat outfit

6. In this fitted dress shirt

7. In this unique and glamorous suit

8. In this velvet suit

9. In this simple black suit

10. In this simple black suit…outdoors

11. In this light brown suit

12. In this dark maroon suit

13. In this royal blue suit

14. In this heavy white suit

15. In this photoshoot suit

16. In this drama suit

17. And in this everyday suit