16 Pictures Of Taeyeon’s ADORABLE Puppy Zero

Zero: Prone to give you heart attacks from cuteness overload.

1. Zero, Taeyeon’s #1 Fan.

2. Zero the wittle bwack puppy~

3. Cuddling with his best friend!

4. “Welcome to my home.” — Zero

5. Time for a bath little one~ 😛

6. Zero growing into his true colors as he grows up.

7. Bundled up for the cold freezing temperatures.

8. Zero has everyone green with envy… Why can’t I look this adorable?!

9. My very first haircut~

10. Waiting for Taeyeon to come home like, “Where have you been?! You were gone forever!”

11. Going on a daily stroll with the perfect OOTD.

12. Right before getting ready for bed like, “Time for snuggles, yes?”

13. Taking a lazy day.

14. Slow and steadily, Zero owning into his natural grey color!

15. And he knows he looks damn good in it!

16. Cheers to the cutest puppy in the Taeyeon family! 🐶