16 Times EXO Proved They Were A True Family

EXO’s brotherly bonds will make you d’aww.

1. When EXO went on a trip to the sea, they needed help while preparing dinner and Chen called his mom for advice.

All the members ran up to Chen saying “Hi mom!” and she responded “I love you all!” to all her wonderful sons.


2. When asked what he’d do with a magic wand, Sehun said he would wish for something that would heal the members when they struggle because of the intense pressure and magic away all their stress.


3. Even though D.O. is busy with his own acting career, he always supports the members’ personal solo activities as well by sending food trucks when the members are filming or by finding time to watch their musicals and movies.

He’s truly a dependable brother.


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4. Wanting to do something fun together, Chanyeol decided he wanted to play computer games with all the EXO members. So, he gifted each member with a new gaming laptop so they could spend quality fam time together.


5. Not long after EXO stopped being a 12-member group, Lay was asked on a Chinese TV show what brothers are. To which he replied, “Brothers are people who can go through hardships and troubles together, and give help to each other at crucial moments…As long as we are together, everything is possible. Brotherhood is forever here.”


6. Baekhyun became a trainee very late, so he decided to shower with each member to get rid of any distance between them and become family as quickly as possible. After he shared that he even messes with Sehun to the point that they bite each other’s butts, the Knowing Brothers crew had no choice but to acknoweldge that they are true brothers.


7. As the leader, Suho is like the father figure who makes sure the team sits down and discusses any issues that come up. He listens to the members when they need advice or just need someone to rant to.


8. Sehun might be a jokester, but he cares about his hyungs a lot and prays for their happiness every night. He also makes sure they talk it out whenever disagreements happen.


9. Xiumin admitted on TV, that there are times where their relationship is put to the test but he can always feel the beautiful bond between the members.


10. Though he is busy building his solo career in China while helping keep EXO in the Chinese public’s mind during the Hallyu ban, Lay is constantly thinking of and missing the EXO members.

He became upset at the “Sing For You” showcase, and said that he wanted to say “I’m sorry and I love you, I haven’t forgotten that we are EXO” to the members.

When Lay went backstage to calm down, Baekhyun spoke up for him.

“Because of Lay hyung‘s busy schedule in China, he’s not able to spend as much time with us so he always feels sorry to us but he doesn’t need to feel sorry.”


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11. Even though releasing hit songs and winning awards is important, Chen expressed that his true wish is to be with EXO for a long, long time.


12. When Chanyeol’s sister Park Yoora got married, EXO members Kai, Baekhyun, Chen, Sehun attended to congratulate their “sister” on her happy day.


13. Kai has sadly been injured many times during or while preparing for concerts, and has had to stay seated during many concerts. He has expressed how hard it is for him not to perform, and so the members always shower him in affection and attention to help ease up his heart during those times.


14. D.O. admitted that it is very difficult to be in his 20s and not be able to walk down the street with a peaceful mind. He thought about quitting many times but, he says that being with his teammates is what keeps him going.


15. The day that EXO became 11 members, EXO-K was in the midst of “Overdose” promotions and they won #1 on M!Countdown. Suho decided to appear on stage alone to accept the award, as it may have been difficult for the other members to face the public at that time.

He reminded everyone that EXO’s motto is “We are one” and like this motto, they will work hard to be an EXO that strives to stick together.


16. Though he doesn’t share his thoughts and feelings often, Xiumin expressed thanks to Chen for being such a comforting presence during their time working in China together. He revealed that as a result of so much time spent together, he thinks of Chen like a real brother.