16 Western Celebrities You Never Knew Were Tight With K-Pop Idols

There are so many idols who have made friends in the US!

1 Wiz Khalifa and T-ARA

2 Pharrell Williams and G-Dragon

3 Paris Hilton and G-Dragon

4 Lady Gaga and Crayon Pop

5 Tom Hiddleston and Girls’ Generation Tiffany

6 Brad Pitt and Girls’ Generation Tiffany

7 Rap Monster and Wale

9 Justin Bieber and Sandara Park

10 Bill Murray and Girls’ Generation

11 ASAP Rocky and CL

(Actually, CL is friends with everybody).

12 Snoop Dogg and Psy

13 Justin Bieber and Psy

14 Charli XCX and BTS

15 The Chain Smokers and BTS

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