17 Idols K-Pop Fans Just Can’t Seem To Tell How Old They Are At First Glance

Anyone would lose this age-guessing game.

On Reddit, netizens discussed which idols’ ages they found the most surprising. Some of these idols seem much older or much younger than they appear, because of either their visuals or their years of experience in the K-Pop industry.

1. Xiumin (EXO) – Age 31

“The fact Xiumin’s [31] still leaves me in awe when I think about it from time to time.” —  ShawolSupport

2. Suga (BTS) – Age 28

“Suga drank from the same fountain of youth of Xiumin as almost 5 years into their career he has not aged since debut.” — garfe

3. Sojin (Girl’s Day) – Age 35

“Girl’s Day Sojin. She was an ’86 line debuting in a 92/94 line group.”  goldenknight22

4. Taemin (SHINee) – Age 27

“SHINee and NCT debuted 8 years apart, but Taemin is only 11 months older than NCT’s oldest member, Taeil.” — chenle

5. BoA – Age 34

“With as long as she has been around it blows my mind she is about to turn [34].” — Jackall8

6. I.M (MONSTA X) – Age 25

“I was quite surprised at how “old” MONSTA X are, compared to other groups who debuted around the same time as them. Maknae I.M is born in 1996, but put him in any other group, and he could be a hyung.” — theninetyniner

7. HyunA – Age 29

“A lot of crazy fans were ripping on her for being a ‘creepy old woman’ because she was ‘sexually harassing’ E’Dawn before they found out they were dating. So I was expecting her to be actually old, but she’s just [29].” — thanksm888

8. Lucas (NCT) – Age 22

“Every time I remember he’s the same age as Mark my brain cells go flat and simply cannot comprehend it.”  — sebaek

9. Sunmi – Age 29

“She looked older, especially in her 24 hours era. Something about that short pink hair and little makeup made her look much older than 21. I think she looks even younger now lol.” — chenle

10. Woozi (SEVENTEEN) – Age 24

“I thought Woozi is 15 and the maknae of SEVENTEEN, just because he looks so young and cute. Boi I was wrong.” — Wstrtbnker1410

11. Jay Park – Age 34

“I was listening to Jay Park earlier and got curious and Googled his age. I did NOT know he was [34]. He can pass for a college freshman if he wanted to.” — CapTee

12. Olivia Hye (LOONA) – Age 19

“Olivia Hye being [19] also threw me for a loop.” — Noveltypocket

13. Taeyeon (Girls Generation) – Age 32

“Seriously, Taeyeon blows my freakin’ little mind — but she’s somehow the oldest in SNSD. Even when she’s going for sexy she still looks nothing like her age (in a good way, not a patronizing way).” — Reesareesa

14. Irene (Red Velvet) – Age 30

“Irene from RV. Especially because she is the same age as Seohyun, who debuted 11 years ago and is the maknae of her group while Irene, who only debuted 4 years ago is the eldest of hers like wtf.”  Azz01

15. Hwiyoung (SF9) – Age 22

“It wasn’t so much his features that shocked me, I just didn’t expect that he’d be a 99 liner.” — Nanabot95

16. Jeno (NCT) – Age 21

“NCT Dream’s Jeno has the face of a 30-year-old man but I think he’s 2000 line.” — casperflea 

17. Hwasa (MAMAMOO) – Age 25

“On the flip side, I still can’t believe Hwasa is a 1995-er, in the same age as Twice’s Nayeon and Lovelyz’s Kei. She was 19 when she debuted and I remember thinking she was maybe 24.”  unicornbottle 

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