17 K-Drama Bloopers That Will Have You Laughing Nonstop

Once you see them you can’t unsee them.

K-dramas have some of the highest production quality in the world and they’re just plain awesome. That however, doesn’t mean the producers of these dramas don’t make mistakes and create some amazingly hilarious bloopers.

1. The Green Screen

Editors from Hwayugi were so rushed in post-production that they failed to take out this green screen moment before the air date.

2. The Wires

On top of that, they also didn’t edit out the wires that were holding up the stuntmen.

3. The Refrigerator Hand

Although Gong Yoo was supposed to “magically” open the refrigerator, we noticed there’s a hand that opened it instead.

4. The BB Gun

In this scene from “Descendants Of The Sun” fans noticed that it was a BB gun they were using, which does not have slots for bullets.

5. The Wrong CPR

The CPR performed on Song Hye Kyo in Descendants Of The Sun was a little too high up to be saving anybody.

6. The Magic Hair Color Change

In this scene from Doctors, Kim Min Seok seems to have some magical hair!

7. The Popped Collar

Maybe Kim Soo Hyun was just feeling like a pimp and popped his collar.

8. The Random Passerby

From the drama The Moon That Embraces The Sun, oops… I’m just going to slowly walk backwards into the trees. Yes, I’m sure no one noticed me

9. The Ladder

From the drama Arang and the Magistrate, it looks like someone forgot to tidy up after himself.

10. Upside Down Cell Phone

From the drama Mr.Big. Hello? Hello? I can’t hear you…….What do you mean nothings wrong with my phone!!!!!

11. Those Big White Teeth

From the drama Chuno: The Slave Hunters, So… she didn’t have time to wash her face but her teeth are impeccably white???

12. Time-Travelling CCTV

From the drama Dr.Jin, It seems ancient Koreans took security seriously. If nothing else, those look very high tech, even by today’s standards.

13. Barcodes

From the drama Chuno: The Slave Hunters, it goes to show how the smallest detail can make a serious scene hilarious. Who forgot to take the tag off?!?

14. Braces

From the drama Jung Do Jeon, perhaps next time you hire anyone to act in a historical drama, you should check if they have braces first!

15. The Air Conditioner

A scene in the drama Bridal Mask. For a drama that is based in the 1910’s, it’s a little puzzling how they also have modern day air conditioning units.

16. High Heels

From the drama Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love, those heels don’t really seem like something a woman would wear in the 1600’s.

17. Hair Dye

A scene from The Moon That Embraces The Sun shows Jung Il Woo with some finely dyed hair. Except the drama was set in the Joseon Dynasty era.