10+ Daring Female Idols That Went Topless On Camera

While most K-Pop idols are known for their unique photoshoots and more intricate fashion styles, there are some pretty sexy shoots as well! Unknown to many fans, there are K-pop idols who have taken modeling to new levels of sexy, and participated in artistic topless photo shoots.

1.  Lee Hyori (Cosmopolitan Magazine)

2 Lee Hyori (L’officiel Hommes)

3. Lee Hyori (Cosmopolitan Magazine)

4. Lee Hyori (Cosmopolitan Magazine)

5. Lee Hyori  (W Korea)

6 CL (Elle Magazine)

7 Go Joon Hee (InStyle Korea)

8 Clara Lee (GQ Korea)

9 HyunA (“Red” M/V)

10 Yoon Eunhae (Dazed)

11 Nana (First Love)

12 Gain (Marie Claire)

13. Gain (“Talk about S” Album)

14 Jessica (Marie Claire)

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