18 Of The Most Unforgettable Interactions Between Idols In Different Groups

Awkward, sweet, and hilarious!

While every interaction between K-Pop idols between two groups has found a place in fans’ hearts, absolutely nobody can forget these awkward, sweet, and downright hilarious interactions!

1.  When BTOB decided to “give” their albums to B.A.P

Since the word “give” and “spin” sound similar in Korean, when BTOB said they were going to give their album to their friends B.A.P they put their own spin on it (pun intended)!

2. That time Girls Generation’s Yuri couldn’t stop teasing Red Velvet’s Yeri and Sooyoung got the blame

Poor Sooyoung was just an innocent party!

3. That time former Topp Dogg member Kidoh got a mouth full of food from a passing BTS Jin

Can we all just agree that’s such a Jin thing to do?

4. When SHINee’s Onew, Bang Yongguk, EXO’s Suho, and B.I had the most awkward interaction

At the SBS’s Gayo Daejun 2015, fans witnessed this extremely awkward interaction. Eventually, they were able to loosen up around each other and have some fun!

5. When MONSTA X’s Kihyun showered BTS’s Suga with confetti

Nothing like a good shower of confetti!

6. That time BLACKPINK’s Lisa busted out the moves to TWICE’s “What Is Love”

Although TWICE wasn’t there in person, they definitely were in spirit!

7. That time MONSTA X’s Jooheon and BTS’s Jin “fought” for the same spot

The blue balloon was in very high demand!

8. When CLC had to tell PENTAGON zip it

PENTAGON had just entered the charts and CLC was trying to do a livestream…yeah, things didn’t go quite as planned!

9. The iconic butt grab between SHINee’s Minho and BTS’s V

Need we say more?

10. When BTOB’s Eunkwang challenged B.A.P to a rap battle

In another B.A.P and BTOB interaction, leader Eunkwang challenged his friends to a rap battle and obviously won!

11. The time Red Velvet’s Seulgi and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo were totally in sync

Although the jury is still out on what exactly they were doing, they were totally on the same wavelength.

12. When MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN had an epic game of basketball

Most iconic basketball game in history!

13. When SHINee tackled BTS into a big hug

SHINee were definitely happy to see BTS backstage at Music Core as evident from Minho’s giant hug that knocked Jimin and V over!

14. Old INFINITE and Old SHINee’s dance fun

Old SHINee and old INFINITE are pure classic goodness!

15. When Super Junior imitated Girls’ Generation’s greeting

There’s a reason Super Junior and Girls’ Generations earned the nickname “Super Generation”! The two groups have always been extremely close!

16. When BTOB’s Sungjae made VIXX’s N cry

Don’t worry nothing bad happened! The two were just having a staring contest that got a little too intense.

17. When EXO’s Xiumin and Hongbin had this excited dance

VIXX and EXO’s interactions are always sweet but fans still can’t forget this adorable dance between Xiumin and Hongbin!

18. When Red Velvet and TWICE got their boogie on at ISAC

Nayeon and Red Velvet captured everyone’s heart with their “Likey” dance moves.