19 Reasons To Stan MONSTA X That Most People Don’t Know

Monsta X will make you fall in love with them.

1. They survived No.Mercy

No.Mercy was the survival reality show that the boys participated in to become MONSTA X. Although survival shows are always known to be difficult, No.Mercy was particularly harrowing.


The show started with 13 trainees and pitted them against each other. It particularly portrayed the hardships that the boys went through to debut and become members with the group and let’s just say there were a lot of tears.


No.Mercy wasn’t all bad; it did give us some amazing performances of the members singing in different languages.


2. They never give up

MONSTA X never gives up. While we all have heard stories about how hard it is to become idols, these boys have overcome every struggle. For example, Shownu overcame changing agencies. Originally he was a trainee under JYP Entertainment for two years but ultimately decided to leave the agency to give himself a better chance of debuting.


And I.M was originally supposed to debut with another group but the plans fell through. Afterwards he was thrown into No.Mercy midseason and suffered a lot of dislike from all of the other trainees on the show. Despite this, he debuted and formed very strong bonds with his other members.


Besides personal struggles, each member has suffered their own stage accidents while performing but each time they will power through until the end!


3. They love Monbebe like no other

MONSTA X is never shy about showing their love for their fandom. They’ve put out so many self cams that they almost have one for every single song they’ve released.


They further spoil Monbebe with special clips that showcase their amazing voices.


Plus they are known to be particularly sweet and caring at fan meetings.


And they never hide the fact that they love their fans!


4. They support each other

It goes without saying that groups need to rely on each other and it works better if they are all friends, but MONSTA X takes things to the next level. They were all so proud of I.M when he became an MC for MBC‘s World Idol Show K-rush.


Then, when I.M and Minhyuk MCed in Japan, the rest of the members came out to support them.


Even when injured, the boys will still support each other. At one concert in Abu Dhabi, only five of the members could perform but the other two were cheering and dancing loudly from the crowd!


5. They do everything to follow their dreams

Besides overcoming their personal struggles and surviving No.Mercy, the boys have come a long way since their debut. The group debuted with a very hip-hop style and with little artistic say in what they did.

Fast-forward and the boys have been able to work on some of the music themselves and have tested out a lot of different styles of music.


6. They pen their own music

Jooheon and I.M are the two rappers of the group and through the years have been able to pen their own stuff for their solo material.

They, along with Wonho, have created songs that they can be proud of!


7. They’ve produced their own stuff

On top of writing, the members have also produced their own material too. The group’s “Lonely Christmas” was a special surprise for fans and was produced and co-composed by Jooheon.


The group also worked with a fashion eyewear company and helped to produce “MONSTA X lens.”


8. They are the gods of reality/variety shows

They’ve taken part in a number of reality and variety shows and never disappoint! The boys are seriously hilarious with funny quips like when Hyungwon described their hit “Jealousy” as “K-Pop” during an episode of Weekly Idol or when the boys played human bowling during that same episode.


They’ve also released a great parody of numerous K-Dramas entitled Temptation of the Wife of Heirs over Flowers.


Plus, who could forget the time the members transformed from beggars to flower boys and…a pineapple!


9. They’re talented

If you stan MONSTA X, then you stan talent! These boys produce some amazing music in multiple languages. Their first original Japanese song “Spotlight” sold over 100,000 copies and received an official gold certificate.


Besides music, their choreography is always on point. They continue to step up their game with each release and have never failed to impress.


10. They are always filled with gratitude

MONSTA X have always shown just how thankful they are. When the group finally got their first win for “Dramarama” they were so overcome with emotion that it could melt anyone’s heart.


11. They care about their fans a lot

Although it’s heartbreaking to see, the group has apologized multiple times to fans for being what they consider unsuccessful for so long.


Wonho, in particular, has broken down in tears on several occasions because he felt like they were letting fans down.


12. They have perfect manners

The boys have also shown just how much they care about others on multiple occasions. For example, one time in Singapore, fans were supposed to kneel in front of the members for a group picture but the members were not comfortable with this. Instead, I.M asked the staff to get chairs for the fans.


On a different occasion, the boys and their guards were caught in a heavy downpour. While everyone had umbrellas, I.M realized that the woman next to him was getting wet and moved closer to her so that she would be completely dry.



While it may seem cliché to list each member separately, each one has their own unique personality that makes the group even better. Take leader Shownu for example, he’s known for his amazing dance moves and sweet voice on stage but off stage he plays the role of a papa bear. He truly cares about all of his members and makes sure that everyone is getting along.


14. Kihyun

Then we have Kihyun who has the voice of an angel and just so happens to be the reluctant mom of the group. He’s the official cook and his other mom superpower is his nagging habit.

Besides that, Kihyun loves practical jokes and he’s often found laughing whenever another member does something funny.


15. Minhyuk

On stage Minhyuk has a certain ethereal appeal, while offstage he is more like a puppy.

Minhyuk is another member who loves a good joke and can be found teasing the other members often!


16. Wonho

Wonho might be known for his ridiculously chiseled body but inside he’s just a big softy. He’s considerate of his members and fans and may be MONSTA X’s biggest fan. Seriously, the boy is adorable and needs to be protected!

On top of that, Wonho’s ramyun addiction is a running joke with Monbebe and MONSTA X.


17. Hyungwon

Then there is Hyungwon who is known for his strong visuals. But Monbebe know that this is only a part of Hyungwon. The boy is a serious living meme. You can probably find a meme featuring him for any situation.

Hyungwon also has a certain awkwardness about him that you just can’t help but love!


18. Jooheon

Jooheon is another MONSTA X member whose image is in direct contrast to his personality. Like Wonho, Jooheon is secretly a sweetheart trapped in a rap god’s body.

He’s also known to be the aegyo king in the group which doesn’t exactly fit his tough guy image.


19. I.M

Finally, there is I.M, the youngest member who portrays a sexy type persona onstage but offstage he’s just a big goofball!