20 Cutest Gifs Of HyunA And DAWN To Celebrate Their 4th Year Anniversary

You can really see how happy they are together!

It’s officially been four years since HyunA and DAWN started dating! The two became a couple back in May 2016, and they celebrated by posting pictures of their laid-back meal on Instagram. They were both all smiles as they posed for the camera, evidently still very much in love with each other!

To commemorate the special event, we’ve compiled 20 of their cutest gifs together. Check them out below!

1. When DAWN hugged HyunA from behind

2. When they were playful with each other

3. When HyunA teased DAWN

4. When they touched foreheads

5. When HyunA swung an arm over DAWN’s shoulders

6. When DAWN embraced HyunA with one arm

7. When HyunA casually hugged DAWN

8. When they posed in close proximity

9. When HyunA leaned closer to DAWN

10. When HyunA playfully pushed DAWN

11. When HyunA playfully pushed DAWN again

12. When it was DAWN who playfully pushed HyunA

13. When HyunA was close enough to kiss DAWN

14. When DAWN protected HyunA’s head

15. When they laughed out loud

16. When they danced together

17. When HyunA pushed her chest towards DAWN

18. When they smiled happily

19. When DAWN obviously found HyunA adorable

20. When they kissed