20+ Times BTS Served Us With Perfect Boyfriend Visuals

It’s a dream come true!

Whoever becomes BTS‘s actual partners in real life will be 100% lucky. This Valentine’s Day, however, ARMYs around the world can celebrate the idols being their imaginary “boyfriends” with their many boyfriend-like photos.

That said, here are 20+ times BTS served us with their perfect boyfriend visuals!

1. Showing you the dock

2. Going grocery shopping with you

3. Making a trip to the beach

4. Taking a break from dance practice

5. Listening intently

6. Going on a midnight stroll

7. Eating dinner together

8. Looking at you and just you

9. Taking in the view

10. Playing in the arcade with you

11. Going to a quaint cafe with you

12. Teaching you how to play the drums

13. Visiting a public park with you

14. Playing with the cutest dog

15. Making funny poses while on vacation

16. Watching a concert together

17. Waking up to the view of the Eiffel Tower

18. Saying hi after taking your picture

19. Actually taking your picture

20. Giving you a shy smile

21. Looking like the most dashing tutor

22. Finally, owning everyone with their airport fashion!