20 Tweets Of Fans Thanking BTS’s Suga For Hosting Honey FM And Making Their Life Complete

Fans are hoping for another series soon!

Starting in May, BTS‘s Suga began his Honey FM 06.13 radio show starring one of the members as guests each week. Through these weekend radio sessions, Suga was able to delve into many different topics with the members and gave fans more insight into their lives.

Below are all the photos he posted after the radio sessions for the month of May.







After the month-long radio session came to a close with member Jungkook, fans left messages online thanking Suga for hosting this series and allowing them to tune in to their lives.

With the end of Suga’s radio program, the boys are now going to be busy with FESTA celebrations and their upcoming Bang Bang Con The Live concert as well as working on a new album. Fans hope that Suga will return in the near future with more sessions soon!