22 Overheard Conversations That Prove K-Pop Is Slowly Taking Over The World

“K-Pop isn’t a color, it’s a lifestyle.”

With K-Pop becoming more well-known around the world in the past few years, there’s been an increase in the number of conversations about K-Pop overheard by fans in countries like the US, Canada, India, Philippines and Australia. Check out some hilarious snippets of conversations about K-Pop that netizens have overheard and shared with the Twitterverse – and that prove the genre has been poised for world domination for years!


1. K-Pop Is A Lifestyle


2. Taking Over India


3. Astral Projection


4. Intellectuals


5. Are You Even Dancing??


6. Down The Rabbit Hole


7. “Okay, so…”


8. Teenage Reveluvs


9. Interns Love EXO


10. The Beyonce Of K-Pop


11. Behind The Scenes


12. K-Pop All Around


13. Bus War


14. Get Into The Industry


15. Too Much Like Johnny Depp


16. One Of Two Essentials


17. French Mixup


18. Silicon Valley


19. A New Discovery


20. Early Bed Time


21. Explaining Shipping


22. Perfect English