23 Tweets From Day6 Jae That Need To Be Framed Immediately

Day6‘s Jae has the world’s greatest K-Pop Twitter account, where he quotes tweet responses to fans in the most hilarious way possible.

1. Like when he made up this sick poem

2. When he nailed fellow member Sungjin’s haircut reminder

3. Or when a fan asked him what his superhero name would be

4. Or when he had to deal with this pizza nightmare.


5. When he got real with Kevin Woo

6. Or when he laid down the most real advice

7. Or when he shared this fun story from his childhood

8. Or when it rained and he couldn’t deal (it basically rains sideways in Korea)

9. When he had a little addendum to Eric Nam’s advice

10. When he jumped ship for the Lakers (but we get it)

11. When the writers of his life started to let him down

12. When he’s a workaholic just like all of us

13. When he was sweet on his My Day’s

14. When he revealed he’s an Avatar The Last Airbender fan


15. When he hyped for his company, JYP Entertainment

16. When he was real about what we all do when we get emotional

17. When he revealed that he is the true “face” of the group (though they all give him a run for his money)

18. When he’s got those scraped for cash feelings

19. When he continued to be the king of hashtags

20. When he shared this awkward moment with a fan

21. When he spends his money the way we all do at the end of the day

22. When he couldn’t get a TWICE fidget spinner either

23. Or when he gave the most real, honest, true advice anyone needs