These Are The 25 Most Popular K-Pop Idols Not Born In Korea, Determined By Fans

Some of them are Korean, but were born elsewhere.

K-Pop has become increasingly more open and available for international and non-Korean citizens to join the industry, and there are more foreigners than ever in the music genre today! The following list was taken from a poll on Ranker for fans to vote for their favorite K-Pop idols that weren’t born in Korea. Some of them are Korean but were born elsewhere and either grew up in another country or in Korea, and others aren’t Korean and were born and raised in other countries altogether. See if your favorite is included on the list below!

25. Jae (DAY6)

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Born in Shenzhen, China.

23. Johnny (NCT)

Born in Illinois in the United States.

22. The8 (SEVENTEEN)

Born in Anshan, Liaoning, China.

21. Amber Liu (f(x))

Born in Los Angeles in the United States.

20. Joshua (SEVENTEEN)

Born in Los Angeles in the United States.

19. Vernon (SEVENTEEN)

Born in New York in the United States.

18. Chenle (NCT)

Born in Shanghai, China.

17. WinWin (NCT/WAYV)

Born in Wenzhou, China.

16. Huening Kai (NCT)

Born in Hawaii in the United States.

15. Lay (EXO)

Born in Changsha, China.

14. Yuta (NCT)

Born in Osaka, Japan.

13. Mark (NCT)

Born in Toronto, Canada.

12. Ten (NCT/WAYV/SuperM)

Born in Bangkok, Thailand.

11. Sana (TWICE)

Born in Osaka, Japan.

10. Felix (Stray Kids)

Born in Sydney, Australia.

9. Momo (TWICE)

Born in Kyoto, Japan.

8. Lucas (NCT/WAYV/SuperM)

Born in Hong Kong.

7. Mark (GOT7)

Born in Los Angeles in the United States.

6. Mina (TWICE)

Born in Texas in the United States.

5. Tzuyu (TWICE)

Born in Taiwan.

4. BamBam (GOT7)

Born in Bangkok, Thailand.

3. Jackson (GOT7)

Born in Hong Kong.


Born in Auckland, New Zealand.


Born in Buri Ram, Thailand.

Source: Ranker