26 Creative Ways Idols Pass The Time Waiting For Fans At Fansign Events

Here’s how idols pass the time while waiting to meet their fans:

Fansign events are one of those things that every single K-Pop fan would love to do if they had the chance and as such, they want to spend as much time with their idols. Because of this, sometimes members have a little bit of free time to themselves in between fans. So what is an idol to do when they’re waiting on the next fan? Well, maybe any of these 26 things!

1.  Making sure their plushie is presentable for the next fan

Jungkook just wanted to make sure that teddy was ready to welcome the next fan!

2. Trying to catch someone’s attention with their bunny hat dances

April‘s Naeun created that happy bunny jig and it didn’t go unnoticed!

3. Simply stealing the fan from another member

Who has time to wait? Not BTOB‘s Minhyuk!

4. Unleashing the full force of their aegyo on unsuspecting fans

If aegyo could kill, there wouldn’t be anyone left thanks to fromis_9‘s Baek Jiheon!

5. Using a squeaky piglet to draw attention to themselves

Park Jihoon made good use of that squeaky toy!

6. Trying to speed things up with their keen sense of time

GOT7’s Jinyoung just wanted to meet more fans!

7. Trying to magic the fans to them

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk didn’t even need a magic wand to cast his adorable spell!

8. Catch the attention of fans in the crowd

Fan not ready to meet with you yet? BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is all set to interact with those who aren’t currently with her members!

9. Trying to communicate with fans

Although she was a bit confused at first, TWICE‘s Mina had fans smiling with all her attention.

10. Get a little crafty

We wonder if a lucky fan got whatever it was that Rosé made!

11. Getting into some mischief with another member

We see that marker Sana! What did you do to Dahyun?

12. Feeling personally attacked by their adorable fans

We totally understand Vernon!

13. Battling the elements and still looking as beautiful as ever

That wind was determined to mess with Red Velvet‘s Wendy but it was no match for her stunning visuals!

14. Whatever this is

Is it a dance? A marker check? Or something else? All we know is that Jaehyun made our hearts flutter doing it!

15. Sneaking into another member’s meeting

S.Coups wanted to interact with the fan too! Bonus, he got a front row seat to Wonwoo‘s rose action!

16. Intensely staring at the next fan to get them to come over

Hwang Minhyun‘s heart fluttering gaze would surely make any fan come right over!

17. Waiting a bit impatiently

Oh My Girl‘s Arin was a little more patient than BTOB’s Minhyuk but she really wanted to meet her fan!

18. Showing off their vocal skills

Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee continuously sang for fans to come to her!

19. Creating an epic countdown

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, it’s time to meet V!

20. Getting a little flirty with fans

That wink! That smile! Yoseob are you trying to give your fans a heart attack?

21. Getting the surprise of a lifetime

Sometimes waiting can come with a bit of danger because you just aren’t prepared when a fan finally comes just like Baekhyun!

22. Trying out a new look

Well, at least we know Baekhyun looks fabulous no matter what he does!

23. Making good use of that mini-megaphone

BTOB‘s Changsub saw the megaphone and decided it would be the perfect tool to catch his fan’s attention.

24. Not so secretly beckoning them over

Don’t worry Jin, you’re next!

25. Fishing for fans

Only Jin would try to reel his fans in!

26. Subtlety is key

And sometimes idols like to try a slightly more subtle approach to catch fans’ attention!