3 Of The Most Common Reasons Why K-Pop Trainees Quit

Being a K-Pop trainee isn’t easy.

Being a K-Pop trainee isn’t easy, as many trainees often end up leaving their company due to various reasons. Here’s a look at some of the most common reasons why K-Pop trainees quit.

1. Wanting more freedom

K-Pop trainees are known to have stressful and restrictive lives, so trainees a lot of times end up quitting to have more freedom. Some former trainees got interviewed by YouTube channel Studio V, and they shared that companies are extremely strict about weight. One of the former trainees even revealed that she was expected to lose weight every single day.

They also shared that they were attending school at the same time, so they had to find time in the day to not only practice but also go to school. One of the former trainees admitted that he slept during school due to how tired he was.


The former trainees then revealed that they felt a sense of freedom after they left their respective company.

2. Not fitting in with the idol lifestyle 

A former SM Entertainment trainee once talked about her experience as a trainee and shared that she ended up quitting since the lifestyle didn’t fit her. She admitted that the training process was a lot harder than she anticipated and that she didn’t fit in with the other trainees at the company.

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Go Yujin, who was a trainee at 8D Creative and a contestant on Produce 48, recently announced that she was going to quit pursuing an idol career since the lifestyle was eating away at her.

I’ve been a trainee for a long time and worked hard at it, but once I realized this lifestyle was eating away at me, each day became too difficult to bear.

So I gave up on my long dream, and I feel sorry to my fans who waited for my debut, but I think I’ll live my life as a non-celebrity from now on.

— Go Yujin

3. The company 

K-Pop trainees also tend to quit being a trainee at a company due to mistreatment. Moon Sua was a trainee at YG Entertainment for around a decade but never got to debut under the company. She ended up leaving the company, and fans have speculated that she left the company since she could no longer wait for her debut. She is now a trainee at MYSTIC Story.