3 Times MAMAMOO Went Above And Beyond To Show Love To Fans With Disabilities

The members make sure no MooMoo is ever excluded.

Unfortunately, many K-Pop fans with disabilities (like vision and hearing impairments) often have a hard time enjoying content from their favorite idols. That’s why the sweet and caring MAMAMOO members go above and beyond to make sure all MooMoos can have a great time, regardless of their physical condition. Take a look at 3 of the most touching times MAMAMOO showed love to fans with disabilities.

1. When Wheein used sign language

Back at a MAMAMOO fansign in 2016, Wheein showed how important it is to her that all fans feel included in the group’s activities. One of the MooMoos who was lucky enough to attend the fansign had a hearing impairment, which meant they could only communicate through sign language.

When the fan reached Wheein, she began signing to her. And to fans’ surprise, Wheein signed right back! She even made sure to mouth her words clearly so the fan would be able to read her lips.

Afterwards, Wheein explained her conversation with the fan to Solar and Moonbyul, teaching them how to sign ‘I love you’ to the MooMoo.

2. When they made their lightstick vibrate

When MAMAMOO released the second version of their ‘MooBong’ lightstick, it didn’t just have a new design style. It also incorporated a special vibration feature to help fans with vision and hearing impairments.

The vibrating motor syncs with the lightstick’s flashes. This ensures that fans with vision impairments can enjoy cheering just as much as everyone else, despite not being able to see the lights. It also helps hearing impaired fans know when to cheer even if they have trouble hearing the music.

3. When they gave fans Korean subs

Subtitles aren’t only for fans who can’t understand Korean—they’re also an important tool for people who have difficulty hearing clearly. A Korean fan on MAMAMOO’s fan café once explained that they couldn’t understand what the members were saying on live broadcast because of their hearing impairment.

To make sure fans with the same concerns would no longer feel excluded, MAMAMOO personally asked the broadcasting platform to add Korean subtitles to their videos.

The broadcast platform thought it was such a good idea, they ended up deciding to include Korean subs on all future videos from every K-Pop group.