These 30 Photos Prove That BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is The Queen Of Colors With Outfits In All Shades Of The Rainbow

She makes any color look absolutely stunning.

Rosé is a beautiful girl, and that’s just a known fact. Her visuals are so great, though, that she can make any color look even more stunning, even some that you might not expect! Here are 30 pictures of the queen herself showing everyone that you can put her in anything and she would still look like a flawless goddess.

1. She looks stunning and fiery in bright reds

2. Who knew orange could be so easy to pull off?

3. Look how bright and sunny yellow makes her look!

4. Greens really make her look stunning and chic

5. Blue is a flattering shade for nearly everyone, but especially Rosé!

6. Queen Rosé is real in pretty purples

7. She looks adorably feminine in pinks!

8. Is that an angel, or is it Rosé? Maybe it’s the same thing…

9. Who knew gray could be so pretty?

10. Black makes her look just that much more mature and stunning