35 Photos Of BTS’s Perfectly Snatched Waists For Your Viewing Pleasure

Can you handle it?

BTS is known to be hard-workers who spend day and night practicing and perfecting their craft. So it’s no surprise that their bodies are fit and toned due to all the practicing and exercising that they do. Let’s take a look at some photos that prove just how “snatched” their bodies have become.


Due to his broad shoulders, it makes his waist look even tinier, creating the perfect upside triangle body shape that many men work so hard to have.

| the qoo
| the qoo


J-Hope also shows off his fit yet toned body through his many years of training and dance.


Jimin truly has what is the definition of a ‘snatched waist’ as you can see his slim yet toned figure in anything he wears.

Look at that toned and curved waist!


Although some might think that V might not have a slim or snatched waist, these photos may shock you!


The golden maknae Jungkook is known for his super muscular and toned abs and his strong core.

This is all core strength right here!


RM is a member that has a proportionate waist size to his height and figure. Either way, he looks super fine!


Suga, who is one of the slimmest members of the group, has a large bone structure despite being thin.

You can see that he has a fuller waist than the others and many fans love Suga for his stronger build.

There you have it! BTS and their different yet beautiful body figures and waists! These boys truly have it all: visuals, body, and talent!

Source: theqoo