4 K-Pop Artists Whose Comeback Got Delayed Due To Scandals

What happened with Number 4 is just insane.

Scandals can greatly affect the careers of K-Pop artists, as many had to halt their activities due to scandals. Here’s a list of some K-Pop artists whose comeback got delayed due to scandals.

1. AB6IX

Former AB6IX member Youngmin made headlines when he got caught drunk driving.

Youngmin ended up apologizing for his actions and left AB6IX as he didn’t want to tarnish their image. This incident happened right before the group was supposed to have a comeback with their mini-album, “VIVID”. The group had to delay their comeback, as they had to change some aspects of the album due to Youngmin’s departure.


IZ*ONE’s comeback with their album, “BLOOM* IZ”, was delayed due to the votes being rigged on Produce 48, which is the show that created IZ*ONE.

This led to some postponements for IZ*ONE, as they were inactive for many months before they decided to resume activities.

3. Weki Meki

Fantagio Entertainment ran into trouble after their executives got removed by Chinese ownership. A lot of the artists at the company ended up having to delay their comeback due to this, such as Weki Meki. Weki Meki’s comeback with their mini-album, “Lucky”, was delayed for a month due to this.

4. Jiyeon (T-ara)

Jiyeon’s situation is a little different, as her comeback wasn’t delayed, but canceled. In 2012, T-ara got involved in their infamous bullying scandal, where the T-ara members were accused of bullying former member Hwayoung.

The general public grew outraged at the T-ara members, and they all had to eventually halt their activities due to the scandal. The rumors surfaced again in 2017, when Hwayoung spoke on the rumors again, stating that she struggled during her time in the group.

After this, multiple people started to come out and reveal that Hwayoung was the bully in the group and that the other members were the victims. This caused a lot of debates and led to T-ara gaining massive public interest at the time. During this time, Jiyeon was supposed to make her solo comeback, but it ultimately got canceled, as she didn’t want to piggy-back off of the heightened public interest in T-ara.