4 K-Pop Survival Show Contestants Who Were Kicked Off Due To Scandals

Some of them committed vile acts.

It seems that survival shows are becoming more common in K-Pop. While survival shows are a great opportunity for trainees to get some exposure before their official debut, there have also been some trainees who got involved in scandals when they were on survival shows. Here’s a list of a few of them.

1. Han Jong Yeon

Han Jong Yeon was first revealed to the public through Produce 101 Season 2, but he was forced off the show when it was revealed that he was a bully, and even forced a classmate to masturbate in public.

I heard you’re appearing on TV. I still wake up crying whenever you appear in my dreams. I still want to die whenever I hear your name or see your face. I worry that once I upload this, you and your friends will harm me and my acquaintances. But come to think of it, I am no longer a young, fearful child who used to have no friends. Produce 101…I hope you rank high.

I’ll pull you back to the ground. All the times in elementary school when you made me masturbate in front of the other kids when you made me get into fights with other kids calling it Pokemon, when you shoved me into the broom closet not letting me eat lunch, etc., I still can’t forget about them.

But do you even remember me? It’s not only one or two kids who were victimized by you. Because of you, I went back and forth between life and death all throughout elementary and middle school. I’ll give back all the scars that you had given me.

Oh, and if anyone has something to say related to this, please Facebook message me. I will take legal action against any threats.”

— Kangto Lee (Han Jong Yeon’s classmate)

2. Choi Soo Min

When Choi Soo Min was a contestant on the show Under 19, he got kicked off the show due to him breaking a lot of rules set in place for the trainees.

3. Som Hein

When Som Hein was a contestant on Idol School, she left the show after the first episode, which she said was due to health reasons. However, many netizens believe she left the show because she was revealed to be a bully. A victim named Choi Min Kyung made statements about how Som Hein used to bully her in middle school.

Sigh… Please please I wish I didn’t have to see her again.

In middle school, she took me to noraebang (karaoke) and added 3 hours of service just to hit me with a microphone, make me kneel on the floor with spit, step on me with high heels, and tell me how huge my nose is, all because you think I talked smack about your friend when I never did.

Then she sends me to buy cigarettes for her and when I come back, she hits me with the noraebang book, but the noraebang owner must have thought it was weird to hear only the instrumentals playing, so he checked in on us.

If it wasn’t for him, she would have continued to hit me.

Thanks to her, I went to see a psychiatrist and moved around a lot because every day was a living nightmare.

She even came out in my dreams, and now she’s popping up on my Facebook and even on television, so I’m reminded of those nightmares.

Please stop showing up everywhere…. I get goosebumps reading about posts claiming that you have a kind heart, especially when you’re extremely cruel… Stop making up your image and please stop showing up everywhere.

— Choi Min Kyung

While Som Hein did apologize to Choi Min Kyung, she expressed that she didn’t want to ever see her again and that the trauma she caused still lives with her.

She may have apologized, but that apology won’t erase the traumatic childhood I had or the unforgettable scars she gave me. I hope she confesses her sins and lives so that she never appears in my line of sight ever again.

— Choi Min Kyung

4. Yoon Seobin

Yoon Seobin was first revealed to the public when he appeared on Produce X 101 as the lone JYP Entertainment trainee. However, he soon got involved in a scandal where it was revealed that he had been involved in underage drinking and smoking when he was a student. He was also accused of being a bully, but many came out and defended him from this accusation.

He ended up getting kicked off Produce X 101, and his contract at JYP Entertainment was terminated.


This is JYP Entertainment.

We would like to relay our position about trainee Yoon Seobin.

JYP Entertainment has decided to terminate our trainee contract with Yoon Seobin, who was appearing on Mnet’s Produce X 101 as we believe he did not behave in line with company policy. As a result, we are also announcing he will leave the program.

— JYP Entertainment