4 Rare Times SM Girl Groups Did Dark Concepts

Here are the rare moments when SM girl groups rocked a dark concept!

1. Red Velvet‘s “Peek-A-Boo”

Red Velvet completely changed their cute and bright image to a dark and more mature look. Their new concept was well-received with the album “Perfect Velvet” ranking #1 on the Billboard World Albums Chart.


2. f(x)‘s “Red Light”

f(x)’s dark “Red Light” concept gave a strong impression with their one-sided makeup and military look. The music video on Youtube hit 2 million views on the first day of its release and the view count has since grown to over 39 million views as of April 2018.


3. Girls’ Generation‘s “The Boys”

The concept for Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” gave the members a more sophisticated yet powerful image. It was the first album to be released in the US and the members performed the American version of the song on Late Night with David Letterman.


4. Girls’ Generation‘s “Run Devil Run”

“Run Devil Run” was probably Girls’ Generation’s darkest concept which gave them the title Black Soshi (Dark Girls’ Generation). Black Soshi was the concept they used for the photos they began releasing before the launch of the album.

Source: Billboard and Star News